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Alma Harmony Aria IPL

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2013 Alma Harmony Aria with 540 Vascular & Pigmented Lesions, 570 Skin Rejuvenation, and 650 for Hair Removal;

Manufactured 08/2013; Serial Number LV102880; Good Cosmetic and Excellent Operating Condition; Included Handpieces: 540 = 18,052 Pulses, 540 = 1,546 Pulses, 570 = 199 Pulses; 650 = 693 Pulses; Great value IPL machine to offer your patience and get excellent results!

Also Includes: Rolling Cart, 110 Step Down Power Transformer, Footswitch, Key, Water Refill Kit, Interlock, (2) Operator Eyewear, Operator Manual

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Alma Harmony Aria IPL with 540, 570 and 650 (vw)s

Alma Harmony Aria IPL –

420 (Blue): Application Acne; Technology AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology); Wavelength 420-950 nm; Pulse Width 30, 40, 50 ms; Spot Size 40×16 mm; Pulse Repetition Rate 1/3 Hz; Energy Density 5-20 J/cm2
540 (Green): Vascular and Pigmented Lesions; AFT; 540-950 nm; 10, 12, 15 ms; 40×16 mm; 1/3 Hz; 5-20 J/cm2
570 (Yellow): Skin Rejuvenation; AFT; 570-950 nm; 10, 12, 15 ms; 40×16 mm; 1/3 Hz; 5-20 J/cm2
650 (Red): Hair Removal; AFT; 650-950 nm; 30,40, 50 ms; 40×16 mm; 1/3 Hz; 5-20 J/cm2
ST (Dark Red): Skin Tightening; Near Infared; 780-950 nm; 5, 10, 15 sec; 40×16 mm; 2 Hz; 35-105 J/cm2
Pulsed UV (Light Blue): Pigment Restoration, Hypopigmentation; Pulsed UV; 300-380 nm; 30, 40, 50 ms; 40×16 mm; 1/6 Hz; 200-1000 mJ/cm2

Electrical: 230 VAC (Needs Power Transformer (Included), 5A, 50/60 Hz; 220 -240 VAC, 5A, 50/60 Hz
System Weight: 88 lbs.
Cart Weight: 55 lbs.
System Dimensions: 26″ x 18″ x 16″
Cart Dimensions: 22″ x 22″ x 30″

Manufacturer’s Notes:

The Perfect Fit For Your Growing Aesthetic PracticeThe Alma Harmony is the ideal system for a growing aesthetic practice looking to offer treatments for multiple applications without investing in multiple laser systems.

Its modular design provides your practice multiple distinct cosmetic solutions all built into one compact unit. With the Harmony you can purchase only the handpieces your practice requires today and then add new technologies as your business grows.

Harmony offers:

Ten distinct cosmetic laser solutions

60+ aesthetic/medical applications

Laser360 skin rejuvenation

Future expandability

Ease of transport

Through patient-friendly Laser360 skin rejuvenation procedures, Harmony adds a proven revenue stream to your practice quickly and easily.

For many doctors, the Harmony’s versatility and expandability is its greatest strength… one machine with exchangeable hand pieces allows you to maximize your investment and provide multiple treatment modalities to your client population.

There are very few technologies in the cosmetic laser industry that can match this device. Clients achieve dramatic results with advanced technology with minimal downtime.

Alma Harmony Aria IPL

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