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Ivoclar Programat EP 3010 G2

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Ivoclar Programat EP 3010 G2 The press furnaces from Ivoclar Vivadent. Ease of operation
The Programat  EP 3010 is characterized by its exceptional user-friendliness.
The desired program can be quickly selected on the high-resolution, colour
touch screen or on the proven membrane-sealed keypad. The clearly
structured menu contains modern icons, which direct the user to the
desired program or setting with only one click.

Ivoclar Programat EP 3010 G2 Advantages:
Fully automatic pressing function (FPF) for excellent pressing results;
Electronic pressing drive with force sensor for precise control of the pressing stamp in the micrometre range, no compressed air connection necessary;
Crack Detection System (CDS) immediately interrupts the pressing process if a crack is detected in the investment ring;
QTK2 heating muffle with SiC base reflector for homogeneous heat distribution and excellent pressing and firing results;
Automatic temperature calibration (ATK2) via two reference points enables highly accurate calibration;
Optical status display (OSD) provides information about the current operating status by means of different colours;
Energy-saving technology enables up to 40 % power savings in standby mode;
Power Fail Save System bridges short-term power failures of up to 10 seconds;
Integrated maintenance and test programs;
IoT connection;
Software updates via USB stick.

Ivoclar Programat EP 3010/G2 Modern design

Dynamic colour concept
Ergonomic shapes and forms
Optimised cooling tray for more space and better cooling
High process reliability

Fast and high-quality firing results due to infrared technology
IoT function for free monthly equipment usage reports
Pre-set programs and material groups
Intuitive operation

New membrane-sealed keypad with proven colour touchscreen display
New user interface featuring new symbols and icons
Efficient and reliable performance due to software optimisations
Additional highlights

Fully automatic press function [2] (FPF)
Due to the new patented and fully automatic press function (FPF), pressing is now even easier and more economical. All you need to do is put the investment ring into the furnace and press the start button – everything else is performed by the furnace itself.

Crack Detection System (CDS)
The Programat furnace features the Crack Detection System (CDS). This system identifies cracks in the investment ring at an early stage and reduces the pressure, if necessary. The press process ends in time to protect the restorations.

Automatic double-range temperature calibration (ATK2)
The ATK2 temperature checking system calibrates the temperature in the furnace fully automatically and accurately in two different temperature ranges. This ensures high-precision press and firing procedures and reproducible press and firing results with various types of materials (low- and high-fusing ceramics).

Convenient loading of the furnace chamber
Upon opening, the furnace head pivots upwards, and thus provides ample working space. As a result, the furnace chamber can be loaded easily and comfortably.

Software update via USB flash drive
It has never been easier to update your software: Simply plug in a USB flash drive containing the latest software version and press the “Software Update” button. The software is updated automatically.

Stand-by key to reduce power consumption
Efficient use of energy and responsible use of valuable resources: Ivoclar is committed to this goal. Therefore, our new Programat is equipped with the new Power Saving Technology. In the stand-by mode, the energy consumption of the furnace decreases by almost 40 percent. As a result, you save on electricity costs and help protect our environment. Look out for the “Power Saving Technology” label on the back of your device.

Technical data:
32.0 x 46.5 x 55.0 cm without tray, 39.0 x 46.5 x 55.0 cm with tray; 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz; power consumption max. 8.5 A; firing temperature max. 1200 °C; firing chamber ø 90 mm, height 80 mm; USB connection; 18.3 kg.

Delivery includes:
Programat EP 3010 G2 complete with mains cable; vacuum hose; firing tray; SiC firing table; tong holder; investment ring cooling tray, firing tray kit 2; automatic temperature control set ATK2 (test set); USB download cable; USB stick and various accessories.


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