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Novoxel Tixel TXLD0002

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– Novoxel Base Console Workstation
– Handpiece
– Power Cable

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Novoxel Tixel TXLD0002

2017 Novoxel Tixel Fractional Resurfacing

— Skin Tightening/Rejuvenation / Wrinkles / Superficial Pigmentation —

Tixel is a unique medical device that harnesses the force of nature to re-shape skin technology. By combining heat and motion, the medical grade sterile titanium tip gently applies pure natural heat to the skin and safely gives results. It is suitable for all skin types and capable of a wide variety of aesthetic and medical treatments.

System Specs:
– Mfr: Novoxel Ltd.
– Model: TXLD0002
– Type: Tixel
– S/N: 230
– Mfr Date: 07-2017

Handpiece Specs:
– Mfr: Novoxel Ltd
– Make: Tixel Handpiece
– Model: MHLM0002
– S/N: 955R
– Mfr Date: 08-2022
– Shot Count: 49774/101000 (See Screen Shot)

– Novoxel Base Console Workstation
– Handpiece
– Power Cable


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