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Quanta System Q Plus T

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Quanta Q – Plus T, Q – Switched 1064nm, 532nm & 694nm Tattoo Removal Laser; Manufactured on: 01/2015; Good Operating Condition & Good Cosmetic Condition; Last Serviced on 05/2019, Device will Receive Certification/Inspection Prior to Delivery; Reason for Selling: Downsizing; Total System Pulse Count = 2,265,655 Pulses; Included Handpieces: 2x2mm Handpiece, 3x3mm Handpiece & 4x4mm; Also Included: System, Handpieces

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Quanta System Q Plus T

Quanta System Q Plus T – SPECIFICATIONS

Laser: Q-Switched Nd Yag and Q-Switched Ruby

Wavelength:1064nm, 532nm, and 694nm

Pulse Width:1064nm = 6ns, 532nm = 6ns, 694nm = 30ns

Repetition Rate:1064nm = up to 10 Hz, 532nm = up to 10 Hz, 694nm = up to 2 Hz

Spot Size:1064nm = up to 5x5mm, 532nm = up to 5x5mm, 694nm = up to 5x5mm

Max Fluence:1064nm = up to 22 J/cm2, 532nm = up to 11 J/cm2, 694nm = up to 25 J/cm2

Electrical Requirements: 230 VAC; 16 A; 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: 400 (W) x 900 (D) x 930 (H) mm3

Weight: 90 Kg


Q-Plus C or T: the highest powered 3-wavelength Q-Switched system.


The unique Nd:Yag 1064/532 nm and Ruby 694 nm Q-Switched combo system. Three wavelengths target efficiently all tattoo colours and pigmented lesions.

Green, red, blue and black pigments can be removed effectively and fastly, due to the high power, the big spot size and the high repetition rate.

The revolution in tattoo and benign pigmented lesion removal.


The 1064/532 nm Nd:Yag is combined with a Ruby laser source all in one unit. Three Q-Switched wavelengths to enable removal of all types of tattoo colours and most of the benign pigmented lesions.


All tattoo colour removal

Benign pigmented lesions removal

Skin rejuvenation procedures

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