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SupraMedical Q-Tek Nd Yag

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2023 SupraMedical Q-Tek Nd Yag 1064nm/532nm Q-Switched Tattoo Removal; INCLUDES FULL SERVICE PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION & CALIBRATION

Perfect Operating Condition and Excellent Cosmetic Condition; Single Owner; Reason for Selling: Downsizing;

Pulse Count = 10,000

Includes: Operator Eyewear, Patient Eyewear, Footswitch, Water Refill Kit, Operator Manual

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SupraMedical Q-Tek Nd Yag 1064nm/532nm Q-Switched Tattoo Removal Laser


Laser Type: E-Optical Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser

Wavelength: 1064nm & 532nm & 1064nm Static Light

Controller: 8.4″ TFT LCD Screen

Single-Pulse Energy: IJ (1064nm); 500mJ (532nm)

Double-Pulse Energy: 2J (1064nm); 1mJ (532nm)

Power: 2000w

Pulse Width: 6ns @1064nm/532nm Q-Switched 300us@1064nm Quasi-Long Pulse

Frequency: 1-10

Diameter of Spot: 2-10mm Adjustable

Beam of Light Transmission: 7 Articular-Arm of Light Guide Transmitting; Transmission Power is more than 90%;

Indicator of Aiming Light: Red Semi-Conductor Aiming the Light; Wavelength 650-670nm

Cooling Manner: Copper Fins; No Pollution to Water

Program Language: Any Customized Language Available

Dimensions: 92 x34 x 114.5 cm

Weight: 98 Kg

Voltage: 220V/110V


The laser tattoo removal machine Q-Switched ND YAG takes specific wavelengths light in high energy, which is absorbed by the pigment and shatters the pigment into particles, breaking them into very small fragments, some parts will consequently bounce out of the skin and the other parts will spill even further into minute particles; which eventually will be engulfed by the phagocytes and ultimately gets eliminated by the lymphatic system.

Laser Tattoo Removal Machine – Applications:

Pigment deposit dispelling, even effective for chloasma / melasma
Color tattoo removal
Eliminates the age pigment, spot, birthmark
Pigment changes
Skin rejuvenation
Skin toning
Lip line and eyes line removal
Tattoo Removal Machine | Features:

Electro-optic Q-switch yag laser, single pulse laser output, painless and less invasive.
Single cavity, the light will be always focused during many years of use and frequent movement.
Stable energy for long hours, all high-end parts.
Spot size 2-1 Omm adjustable, uniform energy output even at the max. spot size, provide fast treatment and good results.
Color tattoo removal
Are you in search of the best tattoo removal equipment for your business?

Look no further! Supramedical offers state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal machines that deliver exceptional results. Our advanced technology, combined with our commitment to customer satisfaction, ensures that you receive the best equipment available in the market.

When it comes to removing tattoos, laser technology has revolutionized the industry. Our laser tattoo removal machines utilize cutting-edge techniques to target and break down the tattoo ink, allowing for effective removal. With customizable settings and precise targeting, our equipment provides superior results, leaving your clients satisfied.

At Supramedical, we understand the importance of offering reliable and efficient solutions to our customers. That’s why we have developed the best tattoo removal equipment in the market. Our machines are designed with safety features and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring a seamless experience for both operators and clients.

One of our flagship products is the Q-Tek laser tattoo removal machine. This innovative device combines power and precision to deliver exceptional tattoo removal results. With its advanced technology, the Q-Tek machine ensures minimal discomfort and downtime for clients, making it a top choice among professionals in the industry.

Investing in the best tattoo removal equipment is essential for your business’s success. As the demand for tattoo removal services continues to grow, offering the most effective and reliable technology will set you apart from the competition. With Supramedical’s laser tattoo removal machines, you can confidently meet the needs of your clients and achieve remarkable results.

Choose Supramedical as your trusted partner in acquiring the finest laser tattoo removal machines and equipment. Our optimized solutions, coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction, make us the ideal choice for business owners like you. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure that you make the most out of our equipment.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your business and attract a loyal client base. Contact us today to learn more about our laser tattoo removal machines, including the Q-Tek, and let us guide you through our extensive range of tattoo removal equipment. Together, we can elevate your business to new heights and deliver outstanding results to your clients.

SupraMedical Q-Tek Nd Yag


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