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Roland DWX-42W Dental Milling Machine

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Roland DWX-42W Dental Milling Machine enables wet milling of popular glass ceramic and composite resins with high precision and accuracy.

High speed production with proprietary DGSHAPE spindle
Expanded 6-tool Automatic Tool Changer for uninterrupted milling
LAN capable for easy connectivity
Included VPanel for easy monitoring of milling jobs and tools

Roland DWX-42W Wet Dental Milling Machine
Roland DWX-42W Wet Dental Milling Machine, enables wet milling of popular glass ceramic and composite resins with high precision and accuracy.

Roland DWX-42W Wet Dental Milling Machine High Production Lab
Expand production by adding a standalone wet-milling option, designed for glass ceramic and composite resin materials
Get the same open architecture flexibility and high-quality performance as DGSHAPE dry mills, in a wet-milling configuration
Offer on-demand production of high-esthetic, dental prosthetics
Clinicians, In-House Labs, & DSOs
Offer your patients a same day service with ultra-accurate prosthetics – produced with an easy-to-operate machine and simplified workflow
Open architecture allows seamless integration with existing scanning devices
Enable chairside restoration for you and your patients with a solution that integrates with your workflow and the needs of your business
Specially Designed Spindle
50% LESS Air Pressure Needed
Designed and built by DGSHAPE— using over 35-years of cutting-edge engineering excellence
A robust, all-metal spindle offers solid performance and maximum efficiency
Doesn’t require a high-volume compressor— perfect for in-clinic labs
Increase Your Milling Capacity
Roland DWX-42W Wet Dental Milling Machine With the 6-Pin Adapter
Upgrade your machine capacity from three-to-six jobs with the 6-pin adapter (SKU#ZV-42W) that was engineered for use with the DWX-42W and 14 mm pin-type blocks. Mill up-to six pin-type blocks at once with this easy-to-install accessory.

Compatible with the latest version of Millbox software* and designed to be used interchangeably with the AK-1 Abutment Kit, the 6-pin adapter is yet another accessory addition to the DWX-42W wet mill to increase production and profit.

New Ethernet LAN Connectivity
Access your device and manage your milling, anywhere in the lab or office.

Upgraded V-Panel
Complex controls are replaced with an easy interface to monitor milling jobs and tool life.

CAM Software Included
Easy-to-use, open architecture CAM software accepts all STL files and supports the milling of relevant materials.


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