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VivaScan Intraoral Scanner Digital

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VivaScan Intraoral Scanner Digital features a slim, lightweight, ergonomic design with the flexibility to fit into all workflows. Thanks to its plug-and-play function, it can be used as a mobile, portable system. The VivaScan only needs to be plugged into a laptop via a single cable, further enhancing its handling by eliminating unnecessary cables. The scanner comes with 2 different sized tips—normal and small—to meet the needs of each patient and offer a comfortable patient experience. The normal tip is ideal for general scans, while the smaller tip is well-suited for hard-to-reach areas. Its high speed enables fast, efficient scanning and is said to allow dentists to treat more patients without wasting chair time. The VivaScan is easily integrated with the Ivoclar Cloud, offering an easy entry point into digital dentistry. The Ivoclar Cloud provides a software solution for the secure exchange of data. With this software, scans from the VivaScan can be sent directly to the laboratory, where the file can be easily downloaded from the Cloud in an open format. There are no additional costs for access fees for the Ivoclar Cloud, and Ivoclar Vivadent offers on-demand, web-based training .

The compact and intuitive intraoral scanning solution for your practice
VivaScan is a compact and intuitive intraoral scanning solution for your practice. Due to its standalone design this user-friendly device can be easily and effortlessly integrated into your practice to make it more efficient. VivaScan is the ideal solution for your entry into the world of digital dentistry.

Why use VivaScan?
• High-accuracy 3D scanning for high-precision digital impressions [1-3]
• Intuitive software and easy to use
• Compact in size for a flexible scanning experience
• Increased patient comfort
• Direct connection with your laboratory
• Digital entry to IPS e.max world-leading all-ceramics
Lightweight and ergonomics design
VivaScan is a compact scanner and offers a flexible scanning experience. Its slim, lightweight and ergonomic design makes scanning an effortless task.

Plug & play function
The device’s plug-and-play capability allows you to use VivaScan as a portable system. The scanner simply needs to be connected to a laptop for it to work. VivaScan requires only one cable, which contributes to its convenient handling.

VivaScan Intraoral Scanner Kit Two tip sizes
VivaScan comes with two different-size tips (regular and small), which allow you to determine the best fit for every patient so that their scanning appointment will be as comfortable as possible.

Two-button function
This function allows you a touch-free operation of the laptop during the scanning process on the patient. High speed provides a fast scanning experience and helps you to treat a larger number of patients without wasting time or consumables.

True colour scan
VivaScan helps your laboratory to design and fabricate restorations precisely. Consequently, you and your lab can provide your patients with excellent fitting restorations[1-3], which will make you and your patients smile.

Integrated HD camera
The integrated HD camera makes your work through high-resolution photographs and case documentation easier.

Ivoclar Cloud
VivaScan’s straightforward, user-friendly and intuitive software lets you send scans directly to your laboratory of choice in a fast and streamlined workflow. Our integrated file sharing solution ensures secure transfer of data. All you have to do is upload your scans to the Ivoclar Cloud with just one click. Your technician will be able to download them just as easily. All files are downloaded from the cloud in an open file format, allowing your technician to work in his or her preferred way.

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