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Hydrafacial Allegro System

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Hydrafacial Allegro System Advanced device & formula technologies available, the Wellness Research Division at Edge Systems LLC is an industry leader, providing constantly evolving, first-to-market innovation. We strive to provide medical professionals and patients with the safest and most effective solutions to skincare needs.

Compact countertop version of the HydraFacial System.Device is equipped with an intuitive touch screen, four serum ports and built-in storage. It also has a discreet treatment tray that keeps necessary supplies close at hand and a self-cleaning mode that saves preparation time between clients. Perfect addition for a spa, or aesthetics office. GREAT for a location with an established HydraFacial clientele that wants to build a mobile business/home party business as well.


Vortex Cleansing:
The HydroPeel tip hydrates the skin with nutrient-rich solutions, deeply cleanses the pores, softens and lifts away impurities.
The vortex effect is created to easily dislodge & remove blackheads, whiteheads, and sebum, allowing for quick and painless extractions.

The unique spiral design of Vortex-Fusion uses hydrating skin solutions and potent antioxidants that improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation, oily skin, fine lines & wrinkles.
HydroPeel Exfoliation:
The patented HydroPeel tip has multiple abrasive edges that exfoliate the skin several times each pass to achieve better, even skin resurfacing results without irritation.

Hydrafacial Allegro System Benefits

The ability to hydrate the skin sets it apart from any other skin resurfacing procedures.
Effortless & painless extraction, due to the multi-faceted spiral abrasion tip combined with serums that soften, lift, and extract sebum & impurities.
The capability to custom-blend active serums for different skin conditions.
Non-irritating & hydrating ingredients for long-lasting hydration on all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.
Interacts with other modalities; can be used as a pre- or post-treatment for laser treatments or as a maintenance treatment.

Hydrafacial Allegro System  Included with Purchase:

– Hydrafacial Hand Piece
– Diamond Tip Hand Piece
– Serum
– Diamond Tips
– Power Cord
– Key
– Manual

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